Relationship Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Couples Counselling in Toronto

If you are in a relationship, marriage, or other coupled relationship that is experiencing stress and strain, you may be wondering how to get things back on track- or whether you should stay in this relationship at all. It's common for each partner to have different ideas of the problems that are happening, and, also, different ideas about the solution. Or you may know exactly where things got off track, but need some guidance about how to get back to where you were.

One of you may not even be sure you want to stay in this marriage or relationship, and you may be contemplating leaving all together. This is not an easy decision. Possibly, though, you are willing to give it one more try- to see if you can rekindle the love and attraction you felt for your partner and if you can make your marriage work. This is not always an easy decision either. Whether you're certain you want to work on your marriage and improve your couples connection; or you want to explore the possibilities of ending the relationship, we’re glad you’ve arrived here today.

Helping couples improve their relationships is what we do. As trained emotionally focused couples therapists, we create a safe and thoughtful environment to explore your relationship, what you want, and what to do next. With our help, you can define the current state of your relationship, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and together we develop the tools you need to discuss your problems and find a solution.

We serve couples in Toronto and Newmarket, and we can guide you both to deeper understanding, open communication, and lasting change.

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