Annoyed teen with father
Couple trying to understand each other
Heal your betrayal, rebuild trust, and forgive.
Discover an inner sense of peace.
Develop harmony in your family.
Become emotionally engaged in your relationship.

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EFT Counselling for Couples, Individuals, and Families

In-Person in Toronto and Online Throughout Ontario

Allan Findlay, EFT Couples, Family, and Individual Therapist

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy can help you resolve problems you can’t seem to sort out together.

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy can help you regulate intense emotions and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy can help eliminate distress, improve communication and stabilize relationships.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has over 30 years of research to demonstrate its effectiveness in helping couples, individuals and families create secure relationships. EFT is based on Attachment Theory and helps you with inner emotional regulation and creating better connections with loved ones.

Therapy available in Toronto and Online throughout Ontario.

Couples Therapy

Couple trying to understand each other

Are you fed up with the pain, struggle or feelings of emptiness in your relationship?

Relationship counselling can help you resolve the relationship problems that you can’t seem to sort out together.

Affair Recovery

Relationship difficulties

Has your life been turned upside down by an extra-marital affair?

An affair doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship. Counselling can help.

Individual Therapy

Stressed man

Are you anxious or depressed?Have you experienced trauma?

Have you recently ended a relationship or suffered some other loss?

Family Therapy

Teenager upset with her father

Have conversations become really difficult and relationships strained?

I can help you re-connect and create greater peace in your family.


Allan Findlay, EFT Couples, Family, and Individual Therapist, Toronto, ON

I am a certified EFT couple, family, and individual therapist, with over 40 years of experience helping thousands of people and relationships. I can help you, too.

I am proud to say that many of my referrals come from either friends or family members of former clients who were pleased with the experience and outcome of their therapy with me. I also receive a lot of referrals from other therapists who have confidence that I can help their clients.

People who I’ve seen tell me they are pleased that the therapy has structure and focus, that I know what I am doing, have a high record of success and that I have a calming voice and demeanour.

While most of my time is providing therapy, I am also a Supervisor of other therapists who seek my guidance in their professional therapy work. I have always believed that I can learn more deeply about what I know, by offering direction and support to others.

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